We use Spice Drop!!!

Here are some of our favourite people and they tell you how Spice Drop is part of their lives… read on and see if maybe Spice Drop should be part of your life too… and if you already love it, click here to buy now!

Chef's Kitchen

In Chef Gusteau’s Kitchen “I now have a whole range of spices at my fingertips, which makes flavouring food so simple… Be it Garam Masala, Clove, Chilly or even Jeera, all in the drop form makes even measuring spices so easy… and best of all, its gives the same taste as fresh spices coz of course these are 100% natural spices! On top all, enhancing flavour of already cooked food is also possible, coz I just add the drops of whatever spice is missing and voila- you have the perfect dish”

Holiday Maker

Ria is happy “We love travelling, but you know the “chai chai” in the trains is really not appetizing… so here’s what I do now.. carry cardamom drops and my Chai is ready to drink.. and here’s what my friend does, she carries Kesar Milk Masala and drinks yummy kesar milk in the train! Spice Drop is now in my to-pack list for every trip, even international, coz I love carrying a piece of India with me wherever I go, for all those times I miss the food back home… the best part – its so easy to carry along with no chances of leakages”

on the move

And this is what Rajesh says “I am in the sales department, and it takes me to the remotest of places … but thank god I carry my Spice Drop along, coz now I am assured a refreshing cup of tea or coffee which is flavoured to my taste, anywhere anytime!”


Lata says “I love to give special attention to everyone in my family.. and of course this means meeting various demands at the drop of a hat.. but life is simple now, coz I use Spice Drop.. So I make just plain tea, and of course add a drop of cardamom for the in-laws, ginger for the hubby and Chai masala for me! Even making flavoured milk shakes or Kesar Kheer for the kids is at my fingertip now”!

At the Desk

From Ms. Rita “I literally survive on tea and coffee in office and without my Spice Drop bottles on the desk, the day seems incomplete… and when I get home after a long day of work, am I glad.. coz  I do not need to cut, grind or mix spices… now I have it all on my fingertips”

A Hostelite

Jake says “You know what food is like in a hostel… but these magic bottles called Spice Drop make it possible to make my version of garlic bread or peppered toasts with a steaming cup of cinnamon coffee even in our sparsely equipped hostel room… Food is definitely not a problem now”

So have you tried Spice Drop yet? We are sure you will love it… just click here to order your bottle now, and we will ensure it reaches to you at the earliest.. Oh Ya it is completely safe to order online! So get ordering….